2016 Strategic Plan

2016 Strategic Plan

Serving and Advocating for Our Members and Real Property Rights

Advocacy Be seen as the leading advocate for private property rights and real property ownership.
Professional Development Provide superior value based upon high-quality education.
Community Outreach Enhance REALTOR® value and visibility through consumer engagement.
Member Value Demonstrate membership value through relevant services, programs and opportunities.

Legislative Committee
A Increase participation in Capitol Hill visits
A Strengthen contact with elected officials
AC Post local candidate positions on real estate issues
AC Urge members to get involved & vote

REALTORS® Political Action Committee
AP Educate our members one-on-one to grow RPAC participation by 5%
M Articulate benefits of RPAC investment

Education Committee
PM Revitalize and market our CE program
P Bolster REALTOR® Safety Awareness
P Coordinate REALTOR®Thon event

Property Management Committee
P Develop cross-education programs between sales/property management
PM Host regional guest speakers

Professional Standards & Grievance
PC Endorse our new Ombudsman Program
P Ensure all members take NAR required Code of Ethics Training by Dec 31, 2016

Community Involvement Committee
AC  Organize a homeownership fair or issues forums with NAR grant support
CM Tout #OBXRealtorsCare volunteer efforts
CM Employ real estate statistics & trends to show the value of working with a REALTOR®

Scholarship Fund: Golf & Surf Fishing
C Boost combined net receipts to $13,000+

Disaster Relief Fund
C Raise net receipts to $3,250+

Member Services Committee
M Target survey to assess constituent needs
M Popularize our VIP & Benefit programs
PM Enhance our networking opportunities
PM Perform follow-up with new members

MLS Committee
P Increase basic & advanced training for Paragon & Sentrilock
PM Research, assess and teach new resources and technology (RPR, apps, etc.)
PM Evaluate MLS threats and trends

C Promote “President’s Choice” Charity
M Explore non-dues revenue streams
AM  Articulate RPAC value to broaden the base
PM Highlight the professional benefits of volunteering for OBAR

OBAR Staff
ACM Gain press coverage of real estate data, community outreach and advocacy
M Implement 1-on-1 BIC/owner outreach
APCM Build up website as a destination resource including video and content for clients
M Plan for cross-training & contingencies

OBAR 2016 Strategic Plan – Committee Chairs please provide staff with progress updates in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct and Nov.

Download a .pdf of the 2016 Strategic Plan

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