2018 Strategic Plan

2018 Strategic Plan

Outer Banks Association of REALTORS® 2018 Strategic Plan
To enhance Public Relations and Deliver Member Value

Advocacy • Be seen as the leading advocate for property managers, sales agents & property owners.
Professional Development • Provide superior value based upon high-quality education.
Community Outreach • Enhance REALTOR® value and visibility through consumer engagement.
Member Value • Demonstrate membership value through relevant services, programs and Professional Standards.

Each Committee, the Leadership, and Staff are charged to:
1) Make plans for each of the 3 priority areas below; and,
2) Share those plans and progress quarterly with the Board.

Public Relations

  • Articulate the Value of Working with a REALTOR®
  • Promote the Value of a Professional REALTOR® Property Manager
  • Highlight Issues of Public Interest (Insurance, Regulations, etc.)
  • Publicize our Community Involvement (Fundraisers, Good Neighbors)
  • Develop Content for First-Time Second Homebuyers and First-Time Outer Banks Homebuyers, including the “Ask a REALTOR®” feature
  • Build up our Public Facing MLS site
  • Work with community organizations on issues of mutual concern
    Channels include: Video, Press Releases, Articles, Social Media, etc.

Member Communications

  • Feature the Value of Designations & Professional Development
  • Translate statistics and insights into Infographics
  • Engage BICs, Owners, and Managers one-on-one
  • Target Outreach Program for disengaged members
  • Cultivate Virtual Meetings (Conference Calls & Online)
  • Reboot the OBAR brand to boost member engagement
    Channels include: Video, Email, Website, Paragon, Office Visits, Post Cards, Mailings, Meetings, etc.


  • Venture to diverse locations, provide more opportunities at varied times, and schedule events to compliment each other
  • Foster Mentorship Opportunities, both Classroom and Social
  • Stage Technology Forums for both Beginners & Advanced
    Channels include: Education Classes, Meetings, Hot Topics, Webinars, Videos, Trainings, Articles, etc.

Committee Chairs please consider these objectives at each meeting and report progress quarterly.

Download a .pdf of the 2018 Strategic Plan.

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