Bowling to the 1920s

Bowling to the 1920s

The Bowling 20s Feeding Roaring Tummies

Picture it, the United States, 1920s, the war has ended and everyone is in celebration mode.  Think Great Gatsby–Snazzy suits, top hats, fancy dresses (long and short), sequins, fur, feathers, hats, pin curls, hair bobs, mobsters, liquor and cigarette holders. Women gained the right to vote, it was the age of jazz, Micky Mouse made his first appearance, and Charles Lindberg and Amelia Earhart were flying across the Atlantic. It was an age of excess, women’s liberation, and Ford. Add in a few gangsters with cigars, and you have the roaring twenties.

When: Friday, February 28th, 2020
Time: 6:00-9:00PM
Where: OBX Bowling
Cost: $300/6 person team
Charity: Dare County Food Pantries (lower Currituck to Ocracoke)
Theme: The Roaring 1920s

We realize that this time of year is hard on many of our residents who are only able to work during the tourist seasons and holidays.  So let’s help them out OBAR style!
Last year we raised almost $4,500 and donated approximately 243 meals worth of food.  Let’s beat that this year!!

Grand Prize

Pre-sale raffle tickets are available now for the grand prize which includes a week-long stay on the ocean (restrictions apply), 4 1-hour massages, and a gift certificate to Trio.  **$5/1 ticket or $20/5 tickets**.  You may purchase tickets at the OBAR office until February 26th, 2020.
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Online Auction

Our online auction is now open for bidding!  Click HERE to bid on a week-long stay at Summer Song in Duck, that includes other goodies (an $1,800 value!!).  **Please note that the house is available on September 20-27th, 2020 ONLY!**
View the Online Auction Flyer

Dress in your best outfits from the 1920s. We will give out awards for the highest scoring team, the most cash donated during the tourney, the most non-perishable items collected, and the wildly popular Spirit Award.
Stay tuned for details on raffle prizes, and the online auction (which will also include a week-long stay in Duck!).  Let’s see a bidding war this year!
To register, download the registration form, fill it out, and then send to Member Services Director Karen Pierce via email at