Call For Action: Nags Head & Duck

Call For Action: Nags Head & Duck

Hello OBAR members,

Please be aware that the Duck and Nags Head executive boards will vote on Flood Damage Prevention Ordinances (FDPOs) this Wednesday, May 20, and next Wednesday, May 27, respectively. The Duck and Nags Head draft FDPOs recommended by the planning boards would be more rigorous than Dare County’s two important and interrelated respects.

First, Duck and Nags Head planning staff are proposing a 10-foot regulatory flood protection elevation (RFPE) for properties in X and Shaded X zones; Dare County will administer an 8-foot standard. Second, Duck and Nags Head planning staff are proposing a requirement that lateral additions with square footages in excess 25% of the existing adjacent floor meet the RFPE in X and Shaded X zones; Dare County will observe no such requirement.

Dare County’s X and Shaded X zone standards represent the culmination of a stakeholder-inclusive process that began in 2017 and involved extensive consideration of historical flood patterns, topographical data, and previous Flood Insurance Rate Maps. OBAR and OBHBA have been very supportive of Dare County’s FDPO process. OBAR and OBHBA have both publically opposed the 10-foot standards and lateral addition elevation requirements proposed by Duck and Nags Head.

If codified, Duck and Nags Head’s proposals would create complicated new regulatory standards not present in neighboring municipalities, create new nonconforming uses, and limit the improvement and thus the value of properties.

OBAR urges members to consider the foregoing information, their own experience of historical flooding in Duck and Nags Head, and to voice any opinion on the town proposals by clicking here . OBAR will transmit your input to the town boards prior to their FDPO votes. If you wish to offer comments specific either to Duck or Nags Head, please identify the intended municipality in your remarks. If you are a Duck or Nags Head property owner, please include that property’s street address in your comments.

Be well,
Porter Graham
Government Affairs Director
Outer Banks Association of REALTORS®
Outer Banks Home Builders Association

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