Continuing Education

A Request From Outer Banks Real Estate Appraisers

On the heals of some GREAT real estate stats for under contract listings, OBAR has received a request via Facebook from Outer Banks Real Estate Appraisers.

As stated:
This message is from the Outer Banks Real Estate Appraisers
To Brokers in Charge and Real Estate Agents
We are in extreme conditions right now in all aspects and we need for you to start extending the due diligence dates
There is a high volume of purchases and refinance transactions as well as dealing with Covid 19 protocols
We, the Outer Banks Appraisers greatly appreciate your efforts on this item

So if you are an Agent or even the client you will need to understand that due diligence may take up to 45 days as Appraisers are backed up approximately 4 weeks.

OBAR has also been notified by home inspectors and lawyers that they too are overwhelmed and experiencing delays of up to 4 weeks.  OBAR asks for everyone’s patience and understanding during the unprecedented boost in closings.

Mark Given is Coming Virtually to the OBX

Mark Given has been scheduled for extra continuing education classes in June–JUST before the CE deadline!  Join Mark virtually on June 2nd-4th for his BICUP, GENUP, and Elective, “Negotiate Like a Pro”.


WHEN: Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020
TIME: 9:00A-1:00P (Check-in begins at 8:30A)
COST: $35.00 OBAR Member/ $50.00 OBAR Non-Member

Course description:  This is the 2019-2020 BICUP and includes:

  1. The Competence of Licensees and the broker’s duty to provide clients with skill, care, and diligence;
  2. Material Facts – the categories of material facts, how to determine if a material fact exists, and the duties of both the listing and buyer’s agents;
  3. Property Inspections – what they are and the broker’s responsibilities related to inspections;
  4. Wire Fraud – common fraudulent activity in the real estate industry, and best practices for brokers to help protect themselves and their clients from fraudulent activities;
  5. Law and Rule Updates – descriptions of updates to Commission rules that became effective July 1, 2019 and that will become effective July 1, 2020;
  6. Licensing and Education – review of various license categories and statuses, and how to attain and maintain them.
  7. BIC’s Duty of Supervision as it relates to the WWREA brochure; and
  8. Record Retention – the responsibilities of brokers and the BIC related to record retention including the types of documents to be kept and the length of time records must be retained.

This course is for Brokers-in-Charge ONLY!  Please refer to our calendar to find the next GENUP course.



WHEN: Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020
TIME: 9:00A-1:00P (Check-in begins at 8:30A)
COST: $35.00 OBAR Member/ $50.00 OBAR Non-Member

Course Description: This is the 2019-2020 GENUP and includes:

  • Competence, law & rule updates, licensing & education and more!


Elective, “Negotiating Like a Pro”

WHEN: Thursday, June 4th, 2020
TIME: 9:00A-1:00P (Check-in begins at 8:30A)
COST: $35.00 OBAR Member/ $50.00 OBAR Non-Member

Course description:  This 4-hour course is an elective and includes:

  1. Principles of negotiating
  2. Negotiating gambits
  3. Pressure points
  4. Unethical negotiating.



Registration Deadline: 24 hours before class is scheduled to start.
 Must be in writing (email accepted) and received by OBAR by 5:00P the day before the class is scheduled to start.

All attendees must bring a DIGITAL copy of their NC Real Estate Commission pocket renewal card to registration.  No one will be seated after the NC Real Estate Commission deadline; Please arrive for check-in on time.

Coronavirus: Resources for Property Owners

NAR has a great Coronavirus resource for property owners including you, your family, and your clients.  It contains links and information for the following:

Click to download, “Coronavirus:  Resources for Property Owners.

Dare County Opening to Tourists on May 16

On May 5, Governor Roy Cooper announced that he is modifying the Stay Home Order to transition into Phase 1 of slowly easing certain COVID-19 restrictions.  Phase 1 begins at 5:00P on Friday, May 8, 2020 through 5:00P on Friday, May 22, 2020.  While residents are encouraged to stay home and wear masks in public, certain businesses are now allowed to open to 50% capacity which means there is no longer a distinction between essential and non-essential businesses.

View Executive Order No. 138

View FAQs for Executive Order No. 138

Today (Wednesday, May 6), in response to Executive Order No 138, Dare County Chairman Bob Woodard announced that Dare, Currituck, & Hyde Counties will be lifting restrictions on entry for visitors beginning 12:01A on Saturday, May 16, 2020. This includes the towns of Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, Nags Head and Manteo; Hatteras Island; Roanoke Island; the Dare mainland; the Currituck County Outer Banks; campgrounds on the Currituck County mainland; and Ocracoke Island.  Woodard explained that this will allow local businesses 7 days to prepare for the arrival of visitors.

Please note that restaurants are still limited to takeout/delivery.  Salons, personal care businesses, and entertainment businesses without retail remain closed.  Gatherings are still limited to 10 people or less, and you should continue practicing social distancing and proper handwashing.

View the Message from Chairman Bob Woodward 

Read the article in the Outer Banks Voice

Craigslist Scams on the Rise Again

While most of the country is staying home and healthy, it appears that scammers are ramping up their efforts to scam OBX vacationers and residents out of their hard earned money.

OBAR has seen a recent influx of calls regarding Craigslist scams–both long-term and rental.  It is always a good idea to check Craigslist regularly to see if a property that you manage or represent is being used for scamming purposes.  OBAR has created a guideline for reporting these scams which you may find HERE.

We encourage you to follow up on every facet of reporting.  If you discover that a property that you manage or represent is posted nefariously on Craigslist, please contact Communications & Marketing Director Leah Holmes directly at (252) 489-1480 or



Essential Business Practices and Real Estate

Real estate services, including brokerage, appraisal and title services, have been defined as “Essential Businesses” in the Executive Stay at Home Order signed by NC Governor Roy Cooper last week.  The order becomes effective today, March 30th at 5 pm. Under Dare County’s local order, the list of essential businesses align with the list of businesses in the NC order. The state order is in effect for 30 days and allows those providing real estate services to leave their home and conduct business without interference. However, local orders more restrictive than the state order are to be followed. Please keep in mind the following:

  1. The visitor and non-resident property owner access restriction to the Outer Banks remains in place.
  2. Closings, etc. should be handled remotely or via electronic means to the greatest extent possible.
  3. Please do not leave your home and interact with others if it is possible to conduct business otherwise.
  4. Per NC REALTORS® “Although our business can continue, all our activities must be conducted under the strict health guidelines issued by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services. Not only is this important to prevent spread of the virus, but we will be under great scrutiny by officials to follow the rules. If we do not, this order can quickly be revised to prevent us from doing our jobs.” We cannot impress enough the seriousness of the situation.

New OBAR Office Policy

At this time, OBAR is restricting access to the office. To do so, we are asking the following:

  • Download the SentriApp to your android phone HERE
  • Download the SentriApp to your iPhone HERE
  • Order a card reader via phone from OBAR, pay with credit card, pick it up from mailbox on OBAR’s front porch
  • Order a card reader from Amazon HERE
  • Do NOT check out lockboxes if you do not have to
  • If you MUST check out a lockbox, please call ahead. A staff member will take your card at the door and will test/assign lockbox and return it to you at the door (all codes and passwords will be shredded immediately afterward)
  • Return lockboxes in the mailbox on the front porch of OBAR (we will notify you when it is checked in)
  • If you have lockbox issues–call before coming to OBAR
  • Pay all bills online, via phone with a credit card, or by mail with a check.
  • Do not send or bring cash.
  • The OBAR store is closed. You may order signs from the REALTOR®Store

We apologize for the inconvenience, but appreciate your help!

Continuing Education Q&A

When must I complete my Continuing Education (CE) each year?
The North Carolina Real Estate Commission requires that 8 hours of CE (Update & Elective) be completed each annual license period between July 1 and June 10. Sponsors are not permitted to offer courses for CE credit between June 11 and June 30 of each year to allow time to file reports with the Commission and for the Commission to process such reports. Thus, you will not be able to complete your CE requirement between June 11 and June 30 of each year.

Provisional Brokers and non-BIC Brokers must take the General Update course and one Commission-approved elective. BICs and BIC-Eligible Brokers should* take the BICUP (Broker-in-Charge Update) course and one Commission-approved elective. *A BIC or BIC-eligible Broker who takes the General Update course and an elective will maintain an Active license but will lose his/her BIC status/eligibility.

I attained my broker license this year. Do I need to take CE? What about Post-Licensing?
Post-licensing education should not be confused with Continuing Education. Post-licensing education is a one time requirement for provisional brokers wishing active license status eligibility that must be completed within the prescribed period of time after initial licensure. Click here for more information on post-licensing requirements.

Continuing Education is a recurring annual requirement for ALL licensees wishing to maintain active license status eligibility that must be completed each license period by June 10th beginning with the first full annual license period after initial licensure.

A broker newly licensed by examination or reinstatement does NOT have any CE requirement during the initial license period. Newly licensed brokers must satisfy the 8-hour annual CE requirement prior to the second license renewal in order to renew the license on active status. You can always contact NCREC to confirm your CE deadline at 919.875.3700.

I didn’t complete my CE during the required period. What happens now?
If you currently hold a license on active status but did not complete both a 4-hour Elective and a 4-hour Update course, effective July 1 your license will be placed on inactive status by NCREC. If you are a Broker-in-Charge (BIC), you will also lose your BIC eligibility and anyone under you who holds a provisional license will go inactive as well. Contact the NCREC Information Services division to confirm this at (919) 875-3700 (ext 772).

In order to be eligible for activation, you must:
1.  Complete the current year’s CE requirement in full, i.e., take the General Update and any 4 hour approved elective;
2.  Take either 1 or 2 approved electives to make up for the number of hours you lacked during the immediately preceding license year;
3.  Send the Commission an activation form (REC 2.08 – available online) asking them to return your license to active status and, if applicable, the name and address of the office where you will be affiliated.

If you are a BIC, you will then need to complete the Commission’s 12-hour two-day BIC course and file a BIC Declaration Form (REC 2.04) to reinstate your BIC eligibility. All must be completed in this specific order.

If you have any additional questions pertaining to your license status or BIC eligibility, you may contact the NCREC Information Services division as soon as possible at (919) 875-3700 (ext 772).

Can I file for an extension?
Extensions of time to acquire CE while continuing on active status will be granted only in those instances where a licensee is unable to obtain CE in a timely manner due to an extreme hardship which existed for a substantial portion of the license period. Examples might include a member of the military stationed overseas or a licensee with an incapacitating illness for a substantial portion of the license period. You should submit the “CE Extension Request Form” (REC 7.18) to the Commission well in advance of the June 10 deadline for CE.

How do I register for a CE course?
1. If you are an OBAR member, visit our website to log-on and register for courses and events online. Check out our YouTube video tutorial by clicking here for a step-by-step guide on this registration process.
2. Call the OBAR office to register and complete payment over the phone with an OBAR staff member.

How can I check my Continuing Education credits?
Log into your online license record to view your credits. To access your record, go to the Commission’s homepage ( and click on “Licensee Login.

I accidentally (or purposefully) took an extra CE elective. Do any CE credits carry over?
Only 4 elective credit hours may be carried forward to the next license period if no portion of the credit hours for the course were applied toward the CE requirement for the current license period. Thus, carry-over credit may be granted for extra elective courses taken, but not for extra hours in one course.

I wish to renew my license on INACTIVE status. What CE do I need to take?
If you do not plan to use your real estate license in the near future, you have the option to renew your license on inactive status.

-If your license has been on Inactive status for more than 1 year, and you have a CE deficiency in your license record, you will be required to complete the current year’s CE (the Update course and a 4-hour elective) plus either one or two 4-hour elective courses in order to be eligible to activate your license. These requirements do not change, regardless as to how long a license has been Inactive. Thus, the maximum amount of continuing education to activate a license is currently 16 hours.

-If your license has been on Inactive status for more than 2 years, and you have a CE deficiency in your license record, you will be required to complete the current year’s CE (the Update course and a 4-hour elective) plus two 30-hour post-licensing courses in order to be eligible to activate your license.

To verify the status of your license and to view your continuing education record, visit the Commission’s website ( and click on Licensee Login. If you wish to activate your license now, but you are unsure of the steps to take, contact License Services at 919.875.3700 or email

I completed my CE requirements but I didn’t receive a paper license in the mail this year. Is something wrong?
Beginning in 2018, NCREC will no longer mail printed paper license cards. To download your card, visit the Commission’s website ( and click on Licensee Login, then click View/Print Pocket Card. You may print this card, snap a picture on your phone to use at CE check-in, or request a printed card from the Commission for $5.00.

What do I need to do to become a BIC?
To qualify to declare yourself a BIC, you must:
1. Have an active broker license not on provisional status;
2. Have two years full-time brokerage experience (4,000 hours), or equivalent part-time experience, within the preceding five years;
3. Send the Commission the Broker-in-Charge Declaration form (REC 2.04); and
4. Take the Commission’s 12-hour Broker-in-Charge Course within 120 days of declaring unless the broker completed the course within three years prior to declaring.

Taking the Broker-in-Charge Course does not make you a BIC. It may help prepare you to become a BIC and you will be required to take it at some point, but you will not be a BIC until you send the Broker-in-Charge Declaration form (REC 2.04) to the Commission.

Do you have addition questions?
Please do not hesitate to contact the OBAR Education & Events Coordinator, Kyle Tribett at (252)441-4036 or or the NC Real Estate Commission Information Line at 919-875-3700.

Basic CE Requirements – NCREC

  • You must complete eight (8) classroom hours per year of continuing education (CE) in order to renew your license on active status.
  • Four (4) of the required CE credit hours must be obtained by completing the Real Estate Update course prescribed by the Commission. The subject matter of this course will be changed by the Commission from year to year.
  • The remaining four (4) CE credit hours may be obtained by taking an elective course(s) approved by the Commission. Elective courses may address a wide variety of real estate topics.
  • The maximum amount of Continuing Education credit awarded for any single course is four (4) hours.
  • A person who is issued a broker license (either by examination, reciprocity or reinstatement) does NOT have to take continuing education courses during the license period in which the license is issued. However, they must satisfy the CE requirement prior to the second renewal of the license.
  • Beginning July 1, 2006, all brokers-in-charge must complete a four classroom hour Broker-in-Charge Annual Review Course each full license period after being designated a broker-in-charge.