REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training Requirement

REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training Requirement

All REALTOR® members are required to complete 2.5 hours of Code of Ethics training between January 2017 to December 31, 2018. Failure to complete this required training will result in a suspension of membership until the training is complete.
NOTE: This is a requirement from the National Association of REALTORS®.

How do I know if I need to take the training?

If you have not taken an Ethics course recently, then you probably need to take the training.  

  1. Have you served on Professional Standards or Grievance since January 2017? The training for these committees meets your CoE requirement, and we have your record on file.
  2. Have you taken New Member Orientation with OBAR since January 2017? The 2.5 hour CoE training in New Member Orientation meets your CoE requirement, and we have your record on file.
  3. Have you taken a recent Ethics CE Course with OBAR? If so, these meet your CoE requirement and we have your record on file.
  4. Have you taken an Ethics CE class or training outside OBAR?  Qualifying online classes, outside CE and in-house classes may satisfy the requirement, however you must document the class with OBAR to receive credit.  You must email this documentation to
  5. Are you an appraiser or attorney member? Unfortunately, you are not exempt.  Be sure that you have taken the training!
  6. Are you a REALTOR® Emeritus? Congrats! Those with REALTOR® Emeritus status are exempt.

You can lookup your status here on  Login to the site and select “View my Educational Records” to ensure you have a “COEC” or “COEN” record with a corresponding course code that begins with 2017 or 2018.

Beginning in July 2018 and continuing through December 2018, OBAR will begin contacting each of our members who have not completed the training and include options for completion.

How can I get the training?

  • FREE Online Training Course from NAR. This class takes 2.5 hours but does not count for CE credit in NC.  You will need your NRDS number to access the course on the NAR site: Start the online course and/or access your course progress.  You will not have to notify OBAR as your completion is recorded automatically.
    (Please note- the $29.95 CE Ethics Course on the NAR website does not carry CE credit in North Carolina.)
  • Online Training Course for CE Credit – “Cracking the Code of Ethics” is available from the CE Shop for $49 AND qualifies for 4 hours of CE elective credit in NC.  You will have to send notice of your completion to to satisfy the CoE training requirement.
  • Live CE Elective Classes hosted by OBAR – These classes meet the NAR Ethics requirement AND carry CE Elective credit. We will be hosting these courses in June, September, and November (courses and dates will be announced in July 2018). Check out our Continuing Education page to see our schedule.
  • Live CoE Training Classes – Two (non-CE) classes will be offered in December.  Dates will be announced in May.
  • Classes or training outside OBAR – Qualifying CE classes may satisfy the requirement, however you must document the class with OBAR to receive credit, if you are an OBAR member.  Email documentation to

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