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Contact Information Changes

To make any changes to your personal information such as your email address, telephone information, or office information please email the Membership Director  with these change requests.

Name Change

The formal name we maintain in our database must match the name shown on your real estate license. If you wish to change your name, you must first change it with the NC Real Estate Commission. If your name has been changed for reasons other than marital status include a copy of the legal document showing the name change. Click Here to download their “REQUEST TO REISSUE REAL ESTATE LICENSE CERTIFICATE AND/OR RENEWAL/REINSTATEMENT CARD” …this form is also used for name changes. Once the Licensing Agency records have been changed and you receive your new real estate license, fax a copy of the document to the Membership Coordinator at 441-7524.

Letter of Good Standing Requests

To receive a Letter of Good Standing, contact the Membership Coordinator via email or by phone at 441.4036. The purpose of the Letter of Good Standing is to have any portion of NCAR or NAR dues you have already paid through OBAR, be waived by the other association. Members will only be given a Letter of Good Standing if they have paid all current membership dues and fees to OBAR

Add/Transfer/Delete an Agent

To Add / Transfer / Delete an Agent, Click Here to download an OBAR Roster Add / Change Form.  Complete the form and e-mail / fax / mail the form to the OBAR office. Brokers-in-Charge will be charged an Agent Setup Fee ($50) to add an agent into their office.

MLS Waiver of Service

To waive or reduce an Agent’s access to the MLS database, Click Here to download an MLS Waiver of Service form.  Complete the form and e-mail / fax / mail the form to the OBAR office.

Changes in Managing Brokers

When a managing broker of an office is being replaced by someone else, the replacement managing broker must declare him or herself as the Broker-In-Charge at the NC Real Estate Commission. Click Here to obtain the proper form to make this change.

Upon the commission’s receipt of the Broker-In-Charge status, notify OBAR of the change via completion of the Add or Change Office Roster form or written notification and fax to 441-7524.

If the outgoing broker will remain with the office or is leaving the office altogether, please submit an Add or Change Office Roster to OBAR and proper placement of the Broker will be applied to his or her status.

Outer Banks Sign Ordinance
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