The OBAR Flyer

When asked about our communications, our members often say “I didn’t see that” usually because “I get too many emails!” So we set to tinkering on a different kind of communications device and hereby launch “The OBAR Flyer.”

Short and sweet to respect your time, we’ll fly “kinda quarterly” in the off season and may even stop by your office to land The Flyer in person.  We’re mailing it to the Brokers-in-Charge in the humble hopes they’ll post it for others to see. We’re dispatching The Flyer at our General Membership Meetings, and will post the PDF here for download.

We value your membership, and strive to deliver membership value.  So please be in touch if there’s anything we can do for you!

Regards, Your OBAR Staff

FLYER Jan 2019 (pdf)
FLYER Nov 2017 (pdf)
FLYER Sept 2017 (pdf)
FLYER Mar 2017 (pdf)
FLYER Jan 2017 (pdf)
FLYER Nov 2016 (pdf)
FLYER Sept 2016