All You Need To Know About Sentrilock

Sentrilock product provides the latest in technological advancement long-sought after by the REALTOR®, and meets your needs in the most cost-effective and time-efficient ways possible in the marketplace.

The development of the REALTOR’S® lockbox was based on the features most requested by REALTORS®, including:

  • an integrated and illuminated keypad
  • an extra large front opening key compartment
  • One-Day Access Codes for your distribution (up to nine per day)
  • optional cardless entry
  • tracking security
  • homeowner “do not disturb” setting
  • call before showing
  • variable showing hours
  • convenient credit card-sized SentriCard that also serves as the electronic “key card” for the lockbox

Sentrilock’s system is Web-based so that lockbox settings and showing information are easily accessible from any Internet-connected PC. Through the ease of a Card Reader in your home or office, in less than 60 seconds your SentriCard is updated and ready for you to use.

Why Sentrilock?

The development of the REALTOR® lockbox was based on the features most requested by REALTORS®, including such components as an integrated and illuminated keypad, an extra large front opening key compartment, optional “cardless entry”, “homeowner do not disturb”, “call before showing”, variable showing hours, and a small, inexpensive and convenient electronic “key” device. SentriLock’s system is Web-based so all lockbox settings and showing information are easily accessible from any Internet connected PC.

 How do I obtain Sentrilock?

Visit OBAR to obtain your Smart Card and lockbox. Please visit during our regular office hours to checkout a lockbox or purchase a card reader.

You can also check out a lockbox at one of our satellite offices:

  • In Corolla – go to Corolla Classic Vacations 1196 Ocean Trail, Corolla, 27927

What is the cost for Sentrilock?

The cost of the lockbox system is included in your monthly dues; however, should you lose, damage a lockbox beyond repair, or lose or break your SentriCard, then you will be charged a replacement cost per Appendix 1 of the MLS Rules and Regulations.

** Please note that access to the Card Reader is necessary in order for you to update your SentriCards.
If you will be sharing a reader within your office or with another agent, you may elect to not purchase the Card Reader.

Smart Card Agreement Form

All users of the Sentrilock Smart Cards are required to sign and submit the Sentrilock Card Holder Lease Agreement form in order to lease a Smart Card. This form acknowledges the importance of security that the Smart Card system provides to OBAR clients.  As specified under OBAR MLS Rules and Regulations, paragraph 2.2,  any violation or noncompliance of this Agreement by the Member will result in a fine.

To view the Smart Card Agreement form in its entirety please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:

All You Need To Know About Sentrilock® 1 Day Codes

One of the many benefits of the Sentrilock® lockbox is the ability to create and utilize one day codes for showing agents without SentriCards®. Anyone with the lockbox’s 1 day codes can use them to open the key compartment of a lockbox without a SentriCard®. They are good for one day and expire at midnight.

How to Create One Day Codes

Complete the following steps to create one day codes:

  1. Insert your SentriCard® into the card reader attached to your PC or your Broker’s office PC. The card reader will detect your ID and fill in the SentriLock ID field automatically. Enter your password in the Password field. Click “Login” to access the Main Menu window.
  2. Alternatively, you can access the Sentrilock Lockbox Web site directly if you do not have access to a card reader. To access the Web site directly, use your Web browser to access You will need your SentriLock ID and password to log in to the Web site.
  3. From the Main Menu window, click “Add 1 Day Codes”.
  4. The Add 1 Day Codes window will display the Lockbox field. To select a lockbox, click the Select button to open the Select Lockbox window. You can search for a lockbox by serial number, location, agent or office name. After you select a lockbox, click “OK” to save your selection and close the Select Lockbox window.
  5. Select a date or date range from the Date(s) Valid drop-down lists. To generate codes for several days in a row, select the start date from the first drop-down list and the end date from the last drop-down list. To generate codes for a single day, select the same date from both drop-down lists. 1 day codes expire at midnight on the date you select. You can generate codes up to two weeks in advance.
  6. Click “Generate Codes” to create 1 day codes.

How to Use One Day Codes

  1. Complete the following steps to open the key compartment of a lockbox with a 1 day code. On the lockbox’s keypad, press and hold “ENT”. This will “wake up” the lockbox.
  2. When the lockbox lights up the keypad, enter your 1 day code. For example 1234567, and press “ENT”.
  3. The lockbox will open the key compartment.
  • Possible Errors If the CODE and ERROR lights alternate after you enter a 1 day code, you’ve entered an incorrect code.
  • If pressing the ENT key in step 1 above does not “wake up” the lockbox (that is, the lockbox keypad does not light up), the lockbox owner may have locked the keypad (either with or without intending to). Normally the lockbox unlocks its keypad when a showing agent inserts his or her SentriCard®. Since you are using a 1 day code, you probably do not have a SentriCard®. You can unlock the keypad by inserting a credit card or business card into the lockbox instead. When the lockbox beeps and lights up, remove your credit card. Wait for the lockbox CARD and ERROR lights to go out, and then start over with step 1 by pressing and holding the ENT key.
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