New at OBAR, Member Moments, RPAC, NAR Partner Benefits ~ 1.10.19

New at OBAR, Member Moments, RPAC, NAR Partner Benefits ~ 1.10.19

You might have noticed a lot of new things at OBAR over the last year. Part of our 2018 Strategic Plan was to reboot the OBAR brand by bringing you new tools and revitalizing stagnant committees and programs. This goal continues on in our 2019 Strategic Plan. Here are just a few things that we have been working on over the last year…

OBAR officially has a new logo that is true to the REALTOR® blue and gold.

The Young Professionals Network is in the process of being completely revamped under the command of Chair Natalie Painter of Coastal NC Realty & Vice Chair Sara Hester-Smith of Keller William-OBX. There are more members than ever and some great networking socials planned–including a winter social on January 31st at Mako Mikes. Check out their new website to register for upcoming events. You can also find them on Facebook HERE.

OBAR is launching 2019’s Community Partner Program which replaces our Sponsorship program and is bringing MORE value to our Affiliate and REALTOR® Partner members. There are now more opportunities than ever to get your name in front of OBAR membership AND the OBX community.

Have you seen our Real Estate page of the OBX Voice? We now have an official page where we bring useful information to residents AND REALTORS® of the OBX, while also recognizing OBAR members that make a difference. Within the next few months we hope to add 2-3 articles a WEEK! Check it out HERE.

Introducing @OBXOpenHouses on Facebook! Find the latest open house information in the OBX. The information is pulled directly from Paragon so it’s accurate and up-to-date.

The Milepost & Upcoming Events emails were revamped to be more appealing and easier to read.

Videos, both educational & informational, are being made and posted to our YouTube channel HERE.

And this is only the start. Be on the lookout for even more new programs, events, & networking opportunities while OBAR continues to reboot our brand for YOU, our members, and the community.


The 2019 Committee Drive is wrapping up for many of our OBAR committees. Chairs & Vice Chairs have been notified of their appointments and given their committee rosters. If you have been appointed to a 2019 committee look for an email notification within the next week. Thank you for your volunteerism–we appreciate you!

While many of the committees are set, we need YOUR help on the RPAC Fundraising Committee. This is one of the MOST important committees we have. This group is part of the only advocacy group in America that fights exclusively for homeownership, real estate investment, strong communities and the free enterprise system. This committee is not attached to the Republican, Democratic or any other party; it backs the candidates that support issues that matter to existing and future homeowners and the real estate industry. This means YOU and your CLIENTS! We do not expect you to go to door with this committee, but rather help spread information, generate enthusiasm, and be a part of a major fundraising event in 2019. If you would like to join Chair Janice Scarborough of Coastal NC Realty Group, and be a part of this VITAL committee, please contact


Since the beginning of January OBAR has 4 new members that we would like to welcome to our Association. Please join us in welcoming Daniel Register with Surf or Sound Realty-Rodanthe, Jakob Kessler with Village Realty, Brittany Johnston with Keller Williams-OBX, and Sherri Gerepka with Outer Beaches Realty, Inc.

We know that you will give them a nice welcome when you see them at OBAR events and around town.


NEW REALTOR Benefits® Available

Who: The ASPCA® Pet Health Insurance program, available through REALTORS® Insurance Marketplace, offers special rates for NAR members.

What: A plan that’s right for you and your pet. There are two plans from which to choose, providing varying levels of coverage for cats and dogs. Both plans provide great, competitive rates. Premium rates depend on the coverage chosen, geographic location, and the species, breed, and age of covered pet(s).

NAR members receive 10% off the base rate of the policy premium for one insured pet and an additional discount for two or more pets. For more information click HERE.

  • February 14 ~ BICUP w/Gallagher ~ Hilton Garden Inn ~ 1:30-5:30P
  • February 15 ~ GENUP w/Gallagher ~ Hilton Garden Inn ~ 8:30A-12:30P
  • February 15 ~ Offers Elective w/Gallagher ~ Hilton Garden Inn ~ 1:30-5:30P
  • April 16 ~ Property Mgmt BICUP w/Saunders ~ Comfort Inn ~ 1:30-5:30P
  • April 17 ~ Property Mgmt GENUP w/Saunders ~ Comfort Inn ~ 8:30A-12:30P
  • April 17 ~ Technology Elective w/Saunders ~ Comfort Inn ~ 1:30-5:30P
  • June 5 ~ GENUP w/Black ~ Comfort Inn ~ 8:30A-12:30P
  • June 5 ~ Appraisal Elective w/Black ~ Comfort Inn ~ 1:30-5:30P

Current NCREC Continuing Education (CE) Period: July 1, 2018 – June 10, 2019
Current NAR Code of Ethics Training Period: January 1, 2019-December 31, 2020

Online CE electives including the “Cracking the Code of Ethics” CoE Elective are available July 1, 2018-June 10, 2019 at

    • January 11 ~ YPN Meeting ~ OBAR ~ 9:00A
    • January 22 ~ MLS Committee Meeting ~ OBAR ~ 9:00A
    • January 23 ~ Education Committee Meeting ~ OBAR ~ 9:00A
    • January 24 ~ General Membership Meeting ~ Captain George’s ~ 9:00A
    • January 30 ~ Legislative Committee Meeting ~ OBAR ~ 3:00P
      • January 31 ~ YPN Winter Social ~ Mako Mike’s ~ 4:30P-7:00P
      • February 7 ~ BOD Meeting ~ OBAR ~9:00A
      • February 12 ~ PM Hot Topic-Bed Bugs ~ OBAR ~ 9:00A

For information on past events, check out the MILEPOST Page.